Plexibus Sales Force Automation

Plexibus Sales Force Automation will help you see your customer relationships from every angle.

It is designed to help you manage everything from lead management to sales opportunities to customer retention.


With Plexibus SFA you have current and historical customer interaction at your finger tips. This will help you plan your next step/approach/interaction.


Plexibus SFA's sales process visibility enables each member of your sales team to know precisely what the other teammates are working on, allowing them to collaborate to transform prospects into profitable customers.


Plexibus SFA gives you the ability to collectively manage customer relationships across your enterprise by enabling you to share account data instantaneously with your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

This enterprise-wide comprehensive and transparent view gives your organization a chance to respond to evolving customer needs, spot shifts in customer behavior, and work together to effectively succeed in closing deals.

With Plexibus SFA you can

Plexibus SFA does all this and more.

To see how Plexibus SFA can help you manage your customer relationships and take you to next level of productivity, contact us