Technology Consulting

When you initiate a project, the above are just a small set of the questions you face. And some of these are mind-boggling. Of course you can spend a ton of time researching these questions or you could let us handle these issues for you while you concentrate on your business.

Our process is transparent in that we not only provide guidance on your projects you but also educate you in the process.

With our extensive experience and knowledge we can help you make the best decisions possible.

Custom Software Solutions

After evaluating your needs, if we (you and us together), arrive at a decision that a custom solution is the way to go, we will help you build one. From project initiation to project delivery and beyond we will be there for you all the way.

We take great pride in our work and we strive to follow the principle "Build the right solution, build the solution right".

Plexibus Sales Force Automation is one of such custom product.

Network & Business Integration

Trying to get the most out of your existing applications and infrastructure investments?

We will help your team create powerful and reusable business services that will provide better iteroperability between your existing business applications. With this ability to tie data, you can be guaranteed significant savings on operational costs and improved business processes.

Website Design

Your website is the "face" of your business on the internet. In addition to print media, your website offers you the opportunity to advertise, market and sell your products direct to the customer. It's like having a 24x7 marketing and sales person.

Plexibus will help you harness this opportunity and help you market your business and grow your customer base.

If you do not host this website on your own web server, we will even assist you in finding the right web hosting provider to host your website.